Bowen's beautiful beaches provide ample opportunity for rest and relaxation
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Bowen is one of the many charming towns on the Whitsunday Coast, with eight award winning, palm fringed beaches, beautiful bays and a warm tropical climate. Situated in the northern region of the Whitsundays on the shores of Edgecumbe Bay, it is a picturesque seaside town that offers a beachcomber’s paradise.

The Front Beach foreshore in Bowen has recently been redeveloped with fun family activities in mind. With some of the best fringing reefs of the Queensland coast lying just a few metres offshore, the area attracts snorkellers and divers keen to explore the colourful coral gardens.

When heading north from Airlie Beach and Proserpine to Bowen, keep an eye out for the Big Mango, on the Bruce Highway just before you enter the town of Bowen. The Mango marks the Bowen Information Centre, a knowledgeable, friendly place to book all your Bowen accommodation and activities and an excellent source of information if you are planning to continue further north on your journey. 


Need help? Call the friendly team at the Bowen Visitor Information Centre for advice.

07 4786 4222


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Bowen Weather

Late shower

Late shower
12C - 24C

Mostly sunny

Mostly sunny
16C - 25C


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