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The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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Whitsunday Islands Camping

Camping on the Whitsunday Islands is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the region. Walking the secluded beaches, exploring the fringing coral reefs, marvelling at the hoop pines and gazing at the stars at night; setting up camp in the Whitsunday Islands National Park is a truly unique experience.

The natural landscapes are varied from location to location and range from dry rainforest, to tropical grasses and white sandy beaches or dense coral rubble along the shoreline.

A camping permit is required to camp in the Whitsunday Islands National Park and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site. Camping permits are organised through Queensland National Parks.

The camp sites on Whitsunday Islands National Park can only be accessed by boat.

Whitsunday Island Camping Connections operates a 10m aluminium barge which can carry up to 34 passengers plus their luggage. The vessel is designed to run up on the beach and drop campers and their gear off to their chosen camp site. The vessel “Scamper” is operated out of Shute Harbour, which is 9kms south east of Airlie Beach.

Park-specific conditions

  • Use gas or fuel stoves for cooking. Open fires and ash-producing stoves are not permitted on national park islands or intertidal lands adjacent to national park islands.
  • Bring your own fresh water. Allow at least five litres a day per person.

National Parks & Camping

There are countless beautiful spots to camp in the Whitsundays, with rugged natural beauty, stunning views and an abundance of wildlife. 

You can fish, snorkel and swim from the beach of your campsite and also explore the many trails that zig-zag across the islands. Keep your eyes peeled for white-brown scrub wren, kookaburras, yellow-faced honey eaters, ospreys, herons and egrets.  

The Whitsunday Islands National Park protects 32 islands including Whitsunday Island with its world-renowned Whitehaven Beach, as well as Black, Hook and Langford Islands. 

The park is readily accessible by private or commercial boat from Airlie Beach or Shute Harbour and some commercial transfer companies drop off and collect campers. If travelling by private vessel, always take the weather and tidal influences into account  

Facilities vary, but if present are limited to toilets and/or picnic tables. Campers must be self-sufficient. Remember to take fresh water, a fuel stove for cooking and insect repellent. Open fires and generators are not permitted and please remember to take your rubbish back home with you.

Visitor numbers are limited to ensure a quality experience. You will need to book your site and purchase your permit in advance and display your camping permit tag prominently on your tent!

  • Some suggested camping spots…
  • Camp at sheltered sites in Cid Harbour: Dugong, Nari’s Beach and Joe’s Beach
  • Other sites on Whitsunday Island include the popular Whitehaven Beach and Cairn Beach 
  • Small camping areas on Hook Island including Maureen’s Cove, Crayfish, Steens and Curlew beaches all offer great snorkelling from shore
  • Northern Spit on Henning Island is accessible at all tides and popular with kayakers to break their journey

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