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A hidden treasure in the Whitsundays hinterland

A hidden treasure in the Whitsundays hinterland

There are many hidden treasures in the Whitsundays and one place that’s a firm favourite with locals and visitors is Cedar Creek Falls.

Tucked away down a winding road that is mainly unsealed and crosses a small creek, Cedar Creek Falls really is hidden if you don’t know where you’re going! Luckily, the signage is great but do leave plenty of time and don’t rush.

When you first pull up in the rudimentary carpark (there are toilets) you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. But as you wander down the dirt track and start to hear the sound of gushing water, you begin to get excited.

I first saw the falls in 1988 so it’s hard for me to remember my first time but every time I have visited since I still a get a feeling of the might and power of nature, and the falls never fail to impress.

Not surprisingly the “wet” season is the best time to see the falls, when they are running with beautiful fresh water that comes off the mountains following the summer rains. They can fall at other times of the year – and the water’s still fresh! - but the wet season pretty much guarantees they’ll be running.

Once at the falls themselves, you can choose to simply stare in awe and wonder, clicking away with your phone or camera, or you can whip off your clothes to your bathers underneath and ‘get amongst it’!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Cedar-Creek-Falls-Conway-Whitsunday.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_Cedar-Creek-Falls-Conway-National-Park-Whitsundays.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_100006-CEDAR-CREEK-FALLS-OCT-2010-280x210.jpg

Swimming in this clear lagoon is stunningly refreshing and if you fancy having your head battered by gallons of rushing water, you can duck under the pounding streams. Nobody seems to know for sure how deep it is but I have heard it’s very deep. However, it’s also very safe, as there are no underlying boulders, except for around the perimeter.

But don’t be tempted to jump from the top of the falls, as certain people have done in the past, only to go home with a broken limb, or worse.

There’s enough fun to be had without silly stunts and many visitors bring picnics and rugs with them to while away a pleasant few hours in the dappled shade of the natural amphitheatre.

Ancient trees and plants surround the falls in a circle and anyone interested in local flora and fauna will have a field day. If you’re observant you can also spot butterflies, lizards, birds, fish and terrapins.

So do yourself a favour and embrace the summer rains at Cedar Creek Falls – you’ll be glad you did!

How to get there: Take the Shute Harbour Road towards Proserpine, turning left into Conway Road at Mount Julian. Keep going until you see signs for Cedar Creek Falls off to the left (just by Bumble Bee Plant Nursery). Follow the signs remembering to always drive to the conditions and never risk crossing the creek if it is over the car wheels. 

What to take: Camera, swimmers, sensible shoes (the rocks can get slippy). A picnic if you’ve got some time to spend in a beautiful shady location surrounded by nature.

Best time to visit the falls: The “wet” season (January to March) when there are summer rains and the landscape blossoms into a green oasis.

Deborah Friend is the PR and Communications Specialist for Tourism Whitsundays and has called the region home for the past 10 years, as well as living here from 1988-1994. This time it’s for ever!

The wonderful Whitsundays…where else?

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