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Walking the Whitsunday Islands

Walking the Whitsunday Islands

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited on a trip with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) to check out the conditions of some of the various Whitsunday islands walks they have and also to check the construction of the new Whitehaven / Hill Inlet viewing platform.

Breathtaking Views from Border Island

First, we headed to Border Island, the water was a wee bit choppy, but they say the worst day on the water is better than any day in the office! As we made our way to shore, I caught a glimpse of a path etched into the side of the island, like a faded but present scar. The walk is a quick climb, with so much to take in along the way. From the top you are treated to breathtaking views of the Whitsunday Islands. I was captivated, I can see many pausing for reflection and meditation. It was here at the summit I took stock of how lucky I am to call the Whitsundays home; this is my backyard.

Hill Inlet Lookout

Whitehaven Beach-Aerial-Hill Inlet-Whitsundays-2

Credit: Tourism Queensland 

From here we jumped back on the boat and powered onto Tongue Bay where Nah and the Parks team gave me an overview of the upcoming plans for the intersection that gives access to the Hill Inlet Lookout.

It should be said that I have been to this lookout countless times but each and every time as I reach the top I lose my breath (And not just because I am really unfit and actually out of breath) ... there are no real words that can explain just how significantly beautiful this spot is, even on an overcast day but I'll try ...

Azure blue waters and the purest, whitest sand laid bare before you. As the tide subsides it is reminiscent of a watercolour painting, the artist having mixed white and blue together in an effort to create the perfect combination of colour ... It is nature at its most spectacular! I could sit here for an age and not feel like any time has passed.

Lunch, Camping and Secrets

Our next journey after a spot of lunch was the Southern End of Whitehaven Beach. It was here I got to see the exciting new addition added to make our guests from near and far feel as comfortable as possible as they enjoy one of the world's most awarded beaches!

Did you know you can camp here? The camp sites are delightful little nooks, each set apart from the next so you can feel a world away from your nearest neighbour.


Credit: Tourism Queensland and Levi Caleb Allan

Next was the absolute highpoint of the trip ...but unfortunately, I’ve been sworn to secrecy… I can tell you though, it was amazing!!!

As mentioned, I am not a fit person so this last (secret) walk was a challenge for me, but the Parks team were super encouraging and patient. They knew what I was going to see at the top, they knew the reward that was coming and once I reached the peak, I forgot how I got there and just marvelled in the extraordinary landscape before me.


Hand on heart – this walk is a game changer.

I cannot thank Tourism Whitsundays enough for the remarkable opportunities this role offers me daily and to Queensland National Parks, thanks for the invitation, the information and in depth commentary provided along the journey. You're all a credit to this region! The amazing effort you go to ensure the integrity of this beautiful part of the world is maintained whilst still endeavouring to offer a world class experience for our visitors is beyond commendable.

Blog written by Kylie Forgione - Sales & Marketing Coordinator with Tourism Whitsundays

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