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The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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Surrounded by lush agriculture land, and blessed with mild winters, the Whitsundays produces an abundance of fresh, local produce with fields of sugarcane, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, capsicum, beans and corn stretching for miles; fresh-caught seafood from the Coral Sea, and cattle reared on the many cattle properties peppered across the region.

Our chefs really know how to showcase our region’s delicious produce and delight in creating innovative dishes that wow your taste buds.

From simple fish and chips on the beach, to a delectable ‘degustation’ tasting menu, the Whitsundays has every kind of dining experience on offer, including plenty of children’s options.

There is also an eclectic mix of bars and cafes for a refreshing pick-me-up and some restaurants feature live music acts as well

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