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2017/18 Tourism Whitsundays Board

Elections are now open for the Tourism Whitsundays Board. Nominations have been made and now it is time to elect the six members of the Tourism Whitsundays Board.

To vote, you must be a 2017/18 Tourism Whitsundays paid financial member.

Tourism Whitsundays Limited Board

The purpose of the Tourism Whitsundays Board is to provide governance and strategic direction for Tourism Whitsundays, accept legal responsibility for the company and work to deliver its vision.

The Tourism Whitsundays Board shall consist of a maximum 11 directors, made up of 7 elected directors and up to 4 invited directors:

  1. Elected representative from Island Resorts
  2. Elected representative from Accommodation sector
  3. Elected representative from Marine sector
  4. Elected representative from Youth sector
  5. Elected representative from Tourism Transport sector
  6. Elected representative from any sector of the Tourism industry
  7. Elected representative from any sector of the Tourism industry
  8. Invited representative – Chairperson of Bowen Tourism and Business
  9. Invited representative
  10. Invited representative
  11. Invited representative

The intended purpose of giving the Board scope to invite up to four (4) Directors is to identify specialist Board members such as an accountant, governance specialist, or simply vital stakeholders from the tourism industry if the Board deems necessary.
In addition, there are three ex-officio/non voting positions permanently allocated on the Board:

  1. Tourism Whitsundays Chief Executive Officer
  2. Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor (or appointed representative)
  3. Tourism and Events Queensland representative

All directors serve two year terms.
As per Item 33 (Appointment, removal and remuneration of Directors) in the Tourism Whitsundays Limited Constitution:
“ At every annual general meeting, half of the directors must retire from office, but are eligible for re-election or appointment. The retirements from office rotate on an annual basis with half the directors retiring at one annual general meeting and the other half retiring at the next annual general meeting. At each annual general meeting, that half of the directors due to retire must retire from office, but are eligible for re-election or appointment.”
Directors can serve a maximum of two terms consecutively; after which they cannot nominate for re-election for a period of one year.
Subject to section 7.1.3 (4), a director may serve a further term as an Invited Director.

We have taken the liberty of including the official ballot survey. Elections for Tourism Whitsundays board representatives close at 11:59pm on Thursday 27th of October 2016.

Election Ballot

Please rank in order your preference for the Tourism Whitsundays Board. 1 being your first preference.

Jeff Aquilina - at Hotel Group
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Lisa Bates - Cruise Whitsundays
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Matt Boileau - Hamilton Island Enterprises
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Jan Claxton - Ocean Rafting
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Lyn Gregson - Adelyn Retail
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Al Grundy - Explore Whitsundays
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Trevor Rees - Whitsunday Escape
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Gabrielle Shaw - Whitsundays Sailing Adventures
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Christophe Vanek – Queensland Yacht Charters (Dream Yacht Australia Pty Ltd)
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Toni Ward - Whitsunday Jetski Tours
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Scott Wilkinson - Daydream Island
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For tracking purposes please provide your contact name and information (this is manditory and your vote will not count unless this information is provided):

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