Hardy Reef - The Whitsundays QLD
The Whitsundays, Queensland.
27°C Thunderstorms Early Thunderstorms Early

Hardy Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef near The Whitsundays, is home to thousands of spectacular reef fish including coral trout, trevally, snapper and smaller tropical species. Hardy Reef is also the location for the Reefworld pontoon, a permanent structure that has been in place for over twenty years. Visitors can experience excellent snorkelling and diving on Hardy Reef and will see a myriad of interesting marine animals such as turtles, reef sharks, giant Maori Wrasse, and even the two-meter-long Giant Queensland Gropers, which hang around the pontoon. 

Visitors can also view the stunning Hardy Reef from the air by seaplane or helicopter, including the world-famous Heart Reef. The aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef and natural heart-shaped formation is a must-see experience for the Whitsundays.

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