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The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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The Pinnacles is arguably one of the best dive site in the Whitsundays, with hard corals comparing favourably to those seen on the outer Great Barrier Reef. Located off Hook Island, the Pinnacles also has some of the best snorkelling in the Whitsundays.

Large coral bommies dominate the terrain, reaching nearly to the surface. Acropora corals are everywhere and huge porite corals in the shape of boulders and massive towers can also be seen. Manta rays are very common in the cooler months, May to September, as are big Maori Wrasse. The site is open to northerly winds and swell from strong south-easterlies.

The best dive is off the western beach, adjacent to the Woodpile and east at a depth of seven to 15 metres. Diving depth is three to 18 metres, with diving visibility typically three to 15 metres. This dive is not for the faint-hearted as black and white tip reef sharks are frequently seen! In the shallow water, particularly off the western beach, the coral cover is nearly solid, mostly staghorn, with only a few sandy patches. 

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