About Bareboating

Why Go Bareboating?

Family Friendly
Snorkelling & Diving
Photo Opportunity

Choose A Bareboating Experience

We have a number of operators that provide the bareboating experience, simply choose the best option for you! Alternatively, you can just browse them all.

The Skipper Yourself Experience

Have you ever considered a Bareboat holiday? It involves renting a fully equipped boat (powered or sailed) for a week or even longer. Bring your family or friends as the crew and enjoy a unique vacation experience. You have the freedom to plan the itinerary, pace, and activities. The destination, accommodation, and experience combine to create unforgettable memories.


Choose from a variety of anchorages for your ideal holiday. Snorkel, kayak, fish, go on a bush walk, or relax on the beach. Watch marine creatures like turtles and whales. Endless possibilities await.

Boat Options

Choose from a selection of user-friendly bareboats accommodating 2 to 12 people. We offer Power Cruisers, Power Catamarans, Sailing Catamarans, and Sailing Yachts. Each option has unique features to fit your needs. Contact a bareboat company to discuss the best option for you.

Skills Required

A Bareboat holiday is achievable for anyone with a little boating knowledge. No formal qualifications are required, and each Bareboat company will happily talk you through the skills you need, to charter in confidence. With extra tuition options available to boost your competency, this can be a holiday for everyone.

Customer Care

Skippering yourself, with expert guidance and advice. Pre-departure you will receive a thorough safety and area brief on your boat, to ensure you are set for an epic holiday. With daily weather updates and radio check ins, your charter base provides all the local knowledge and ensures you are making the best of your time.