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 Work and Play in the Wondrous Whitsundays, a Global Tourist Icon That Needs No Introduction

Career development and travel are often compartmentalised and seen in isolation. There’s a time in life for adventure and a time for work. Few careers are built on and celebrate travel and exploration. The tourism industry is a classic example.

It’s a world that attracts those with a special outlook. That life is one big adventure, playing location hopscotch, plucking new friendships and memories. Unearthing lessons, comprehending universal truths and making the most of these sacred years. Following the guidance of an internal compass, recharging and invigorating communities along the journey.

And then, that time adventure and work find their place in your life.

Recovering from Covid and border closures, the Whitsundays are putting out the call for such Australians – adventurous, spontaneous guardians of this region, to visit, live and work here. It’s a unique opportunity to support, protect and enjoy one of Australia’s natural wonders – helping fill the gaps in recruitment left by backpackers, both on the islands and mainland.

The dream lifestyle awaits. It’s the Heart of the place that oxygenates the entire region. From the farmers in the rural towns to the sailors on the islands, this place attracts and welcomes all. A community that’s uniquely rich. An energy that’s humble and hospitable, in the most awe-inspiring setting. At the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, every day is an adventure.

Make a sea change for a world-renowned brand

The Whitsundays region is looking for Australians to fill a number of positions on land and at sea. The job roles include food and beverage staff, high-quality chefs, tradespeople (landscapers, handymen, maintenance tasks, and mechanical), beauty therapists, and agricultural assistants (fruit and vegetable growers and pickers).

Two of the largest employers include Hamilton Island and InterContinental Hayman Island Resort. The Whitsunday Regional Council also has a Whitsunday Jobs board available, listing all positions available across the region.

Key support partners in the region will host the agriculture positions. These include Bowen Gumlu Growers, Jurgens Gourmet Tomatoes, and Mulgowie Farming Company. Career opportunities in the tourism-experience industry in the Whitsundays have never been more accessible.

Have it all: career & location lifestyle

The Whitsundays welcomes early-stage tourism and travel professionals. This is a great time for people who have been stuck behind a desk for too long and just need one good reason to move into more immersive, customer-centric roles. For those who love working in a team environment and dream of having an iconic brand on their resume.

For all our tourism workers who have felt dislocated in the past 12 months. For all the adventurous at heart and those who spend their free time in nature. The Whitsundays reward the hardworking and career-driven who also know the fine art of unwinding, with the 74 islands offering a daily sanctuary.

This region is brimming with people from all walks and stages of life. It’s a safe, friendly, and inclusive community that entices families looking for a sea change.

There is a school on both Hayman and Hamilton Island, as well as various state and private options on the mainland. For families with older children, there’s a TAFE campus in Airlie Beach and universities up and down the coast. Being a world-famous holiday destination, the region offers an abundance of opportunities for teenagers to enter the job market.

While the Whitsundays is full of fascinating visitors, the 35,000 residents who call the Whitsunday Coast home create a tight-knit, family-oriented community. With great weather year-round, inspiring people, an outdoor lifestyle, and career advancement, the Whitsundays is a magnet for all ages and for all manner of reasons.

It’s a life filled with more boat rides than commuting in traffic. Water sports and lazing with feet in the warm sand by day then relaxed dining and live music by night. All while you’re coolly carving out a career in one of the world’s most famous destinations.

To live the island life while creating that dream career. From tourism and hospitality, recreation and beauty to trades and agriculture, there’s no such thing as an ordinary role in the Whitsundays.

When home is in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef, liveability is a prerequisite for every job role. In this experience-driven economy, the opportunities for career expansion are endless.

Pursue what ‘living the dream’ means to you. Rewrite the whole work, travel, rest and play equation. An adventure awaits in your own backyard. Australia’s biggest natural playground, and one of the seven wonders of the world, needs you.

And when you live and work at one of the #1 rated beaches in the world, well, just you wait. Life never looks the same again.