Cocktails of Airlie Beach

Cocktails of Airlie Beach

A visit to Airlie Beach is not complete without a night to enjoy the infamous clubs and pubs; Airlie Beach has an emerging cocktail scene which is fun, fruity and chic. And because we’re happy to do a little taste testing, we have put together a list of Airlie Beach’s signature cocktail spots that you just have to try! Call it a “Cocktail Crawl” if you will.

Northerlies Beach Bar and Grill

First up on the list we have Northerlies Beach Bar and Grill. Famous for its’ unique take on local produce we recommend ordering one of their house cocktails, the Zibbilicious. A tangy blend of finlandia vodka, Cointreau, passionfruit, orange, raspberry, apple & lime juice built on ice and garnished with seasonal tropical fruits. FYI – this cocktail is named after their amazing chef, Zibbi!

The Garden Bar Bistro

From Northerlies you can catch the courtesy bus to your next location, The Garden Bar Bistro.  Speaking from the personal trials and tribulations of finding the perfect Espresso Martini, I can say confidently that the Garden Bar is a winner.

Sorrento Restaurant and Bar

Take a short 5-minute stroll, and you will find yourself at Sorrento Restaurant and Bar, Airlie’s favourite sunset hang. To keep in the theme of tropical sunsets, we give you the classic Sex on the Beach, OR if you’re game, we suggest giving their Blue Island Iced Tea a try (just make sure you have a taxi on standby ?).

Breeze Bar

Follow the Bicentennial Walk into the heart of Airlie Beach, and you will find Breeze Bar. With a diverse range of signature cocktails and twists on the classics it’s hard to choose, but we’ve narrowed it down to the Ink & Mary a refreshing blend of Ink Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, tonic water, grapefruit and rosemary.

Photo credit: @whitsundaymenu

Fish D’vine Rum Bar

It’s all in the name for this one. At the Rum Bar, they are passionate about introducing people to the world of rum, but above all, finding the right rum for the right person! With over 100 rums on offer, you are almost guaranteed to find the rum perfect for you. Voted the World’s Best Mojito by Armchair Traveller, I think it’s safe to assume your mojito will be world-class!

Anchor Bar

With a stunning poolside rooftop bar and boasting outstanding views of The Whitsundays, Anchor Bar is the perfect spot to sip on a Pina Colada. Feeling like something a little more unique? Try one of their signature cocktails, we highly recommend the Tiki Thyme a delightful mix of Tanqueray Gin, thyme, tonic and a twist of lemon.

The night is still young! If you’re keen to kick on there are many pubs and clubs to keep you occupied until the wee hours of the morning; Boaty’s is always a good place to start!