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Take a detour and Explore Bowen

Explore Bowen in one day!

Bowen is a surprising town with so much to do, but you must know where to look! Explore one of North Queensland's most charming hidden gems with this one-day itinerary.


Day 1

Start the morning off with the most important meal of the day. A scrumptious breakfast at one of the many cafés in the area will satisfy the appetite while you soak up the great surrounding ambience.

Bowen sits on a square peninsula and is surrounded by eight beautiful beaches to the north, east and south. Walk and fossick along the endless sands of Kings Beach or Queens Beach; or swim and snorkel in picturesque bays flanked by granite boulders. Some fringing coral reefs are just metres from the beach.

Horseshoe Bay and Rose Bay are top snorkelling spots and great for the whole family.

Turtle time: Bowen’s Jetty, off Front Beach, was built in 1867 and stretches 750 metres into the Coral Sea. You can take a stroll along this piece of living history, which has seen cargo loaded on and off ships for many years but is now used mainly for fishing. And if you are lucky, turtles will pop up to say hello!

Iconic: During lunch, go back in time by stopping in to the great historic pub in Bowen, which featured prominently in the movie Australia, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

History tour: Bowen was established in 1861, and the still-operating salt works attest to its being at the centre of Queensland’s salt industry in the 20th century. Be sure to visit the Bowen Historical Society & Museum on Gordon Street and the Catalina Museum and Memorial, which celebrates the brave pilots who used Bowen as a base in World War II.

Insta-moment: Head up to Flagstaff Hill for absolutely spectacular views of Cape Edgecumbe Bay, the North Island Lighthouse and the Whitsunday Islands. Then, turn around in the opposite direction, and the whole of Bowen and its surroundings are spread out before you, as far as the eye can see. This is one spot you won’t want to be without a camera!

Quiet time: Enjoy time at Muller’s Lagoon, which spans 23 hectares and features a beautiful botanical garden and wetland habitat. Take a break under the cool shade of the picnic area, where you can use the free BBQs and playground. You can also use the informative display boards to help you spot some of the 170 bird species that have made the lagoon their home.

Dinner: By now, you will have worked up an appetite, so why not head to the marina, where there is an array of delicious seafood on offer? Eat your fish and chip supper while looking out at the tinkling boats moored up for the evening.

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