Long Island - The Whitsundays QLD
The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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Long Island

Long Island is the closest island to the mainland.

As suggested by the name, is 9km long while only being 400m wide at its widest point! Long Island is mostly National Park and has around 17km of walking trails to explore the plentiful native flora and fauna on this dramatic natural landscape.

Surrounded by secluded bays and expansive coral fringing reefs great for snorkelling and beachcombing, Long Island is a quiet paradise for visitors seeking seclusion and tranquillity.

With two amazing accommodations to choose from the choice is simple for the perfect private Whitsundays escape on Long Island!

Palm Bay Resort

Offers a unique holiday experience combining gorgeous Balinese style accommodation dwellings with the convenience and affordability of self-catering. The resort also offers kayaking, fishing, tours and water sports.

Elysian Retreat

A blissful escape from the crowds on the southern point of Long Island.  A boutique island retreat with a small team of dedicated staff, including a private chef, that caters to a maximum of 20 guests.


Sandy Bay on Long Island features a small, secluded beach lined with mangroves and backed by rainforest. With an open camping area that allows a maximum of 6 people, this is the ideal location for a group of mates or a family.

A walking track departs the campsite allowing you to explore the island.

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