Bookeasy is Australia’s leading software solution for the tourism industry, with over 165 visitor centres and 38,000 operators now benefiting from Bookeasy’s proven success formula.

Tourism Whitsundays has installed Bookeasy to increase revenue, reduce costs, build real-time strategic marketing intelligence and distribute inventory around the world.

Bookeasy is designed to accommodate the broad needs of the tourism industry. The system is extremely flexible and its design allows tourism operators, no matter how limited their online skills, to become involved. Bookeasy enables all operator’s information, pictures, rates and availability status to be viewable online. Both Call Centre staff and operators have the ability to update information, rates and availability on a daily basis by logging into their consoles.


The Bookeasy Distribution Network consists of the 200+ Tourism Centres around Australia’s states, territories and islands that benefit from the use of the Bookeasy Destination Management System.

Tourism Centres that use Bookeasy to make and take bookings have the ability to search and book product nationwide, and can increase booking potential by showcasing this bookable product for consumers on their destination websites. Consumers can therefor benefit from having their entire itinerary booked for their journey ahead!

Tourism Operators that elect to maximise their booking potential by distributing their inventory to Bookeasy’s vast network will have their product display in search results whenever Tourism Centre staff search for product nationwide, or via the various destination websites utilising the power of Bookeasy!

If you want to find out more about Bookeasy or want to load your product, please contact The Whitsundays Visitor Information Centre on +61 7 945 3967 or email [email protected]


Bookeasy is a key member benefit for Tourism Whitsundays. Some of these benefits include:

  • Real-time online bookings and secure payment 24 hours per day. 7 days a week.
  • Automatic confirmation of bookings by email.
  • Reservations easily tracked and reported.
  • The option to distribute your inventory to a network of over 150 Booking Centres throughout Australia.
  • Over 25,000 operators at your fingertips to assist your customers and to let you earn additional income.
  • Automatically generated commission reports.
  • Secure transfer of funds.
  • Reporting exportable to Excel and MYOB.