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The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast, lies 74 island wonders. The majority of the Whitsunday Islands are uninhabited national park islands, but four islands offer a variety of resort accommodation, all with the Great Barrier Reef and fringing coral reefs at their doorstep. Whether it be family-friendly, all-inclusive, activity-based, food, and wine-focused or pure luxury - there is a Queensland resort experience to suit everyone. The Whitsundays is home to the renowned island resorts of Hamilton Island, InterContinental Hayman Island, Daydream Island Resort, Elysian Retreat, and Palm Bay Resort on Long Island and Camp Island.

How to Get Here

The Whitsunday Islands are accessible by air or water from Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour. Let the spectacular landscape and endless horizon dotted with islands wash over you as you experience the ultimate in adventure and relaxation. A true paradise, the clear protected waters of the Whitsunday Islands lends itself to some of the best sailing in the southern hemisphere, so why not charter a yacht or go bareboating (skipper yourself) and be the captain of your own crew! Explore the islands, Coral Sea, and more from the air. Take a scenic helicopter or seaplane ride over this stunning collection of islands.

What to Do Here

1. For Water Lovers

Relax with a sunset cocktail on board your vessel or by the resort pool. Swim at one of the many secluded beaches and witness the incredible marine life, which calls the fringing reefs around the islands home. Snorkelling in the clear turquoise water is an experience you will never forget. Enjoy great local seafood and produce at one of the many restaurants.

2. Delicious Local Fare

Several gourmet and local cafes and restaurants operate in and around the Whitsundays that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. You can also enjoy lip-smacking seafood like prawns and barra that are freshly caught and cooked.

3. Get Pampered

Take advantage of the spa facilities to get a massage or treatment. Some resorts offer massage treatments on the beach while some cruises will give you a heavenly massage with an incredible view from your yacht.

4. Adventure in the Whitsundays

For an adrenaline-pumping experience, hire a jet ski and skim along the water, or take in the panorama of the Whitsundays from the air in a seaplane or helicopter. Or for the ultimate birds-eye-view, take the plunge and go skydiving above one of the most amazing natural landscapes in Australia.
If you’re still considering what all to do in this paradise, take a look at our list of 9 jaw-dropping Whitsunday Islands’ Experiences. If you’re in the mood to unwind and relax, here are 5 laid back things to do on the Whitsundays mainland. There really is something for everyone in the Whitsundays!

Places to Visit in the Whitsundays

There is so much to explore and experience in the Whitsundays. Below are our favourite places to visit. Click on the location to know more.

  1. Chance Bay
  2. Dugong Beach
  3. Joe’s Beach
  4. Nari’s Beach
  5. Langford Island
  6. Hardy Reef
  7. Whitsunday Islands National Park
  8. Hill Inlet
  9. Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail
  10. Whitehaven Beach

Why the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays is a spectacular collection of stunning beaches surrounded by azure waters decorated sporadically with coral gardens. The white sand of Whitehaven Beach is almost like super fine baby powder that is incomparable to any other beach experience. The coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef are home to various types of spectacular marine animals. Taking a scenic flight over the Heart Reef is a bucketlist worthy moment. Camping on one of the beaches and waking up to expansive sea views is an absolutely thrilling experience. These are just some of the reasons why most of the Whitsundays' experiences and locations are consistently rated as #1 not only in Australia but also all over the world.

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