Live In

When ‘home’ is one of nature’s seven wonders of the world.

Some places are so beautiful, so beyond words, they take your breath away. Commanding the moment, where worries dissolve. A sight that inspires wonder and ignites curiosity. A deeper understanding, an awakening and a living, breathing epiphany before your eyes.

The Whitsundays is that sight and that feeling. Halfway up Queensland’s eternal eastern coastline, 1,125 kilometres from Brisbane, lies The Whitsundays Coast and 74 tropical islands cradled by one of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef – a world-renowned spectacle that needs no introduction.

The region is alive with ancient rainforests, exotic wildlife, laid-back towns and unspoiled nature – from resource-rich hinterlands to mountainous ranges and shimmering turquoise water that’s instantly etched in the memory.

Here, lifestyle is redefined. The Whitsundays beckons, connecting nature and people. Where the mainland towns are a tranquil extension of the islands. A harmony between world-class food and experiences, without compromising an embracing, down-to-earth vibe. From the farmers and fisherman to the five-star chefs and luxury yacht sailors, all ‘Whitsundays’ contribute to the tapestry of this inter-twined community – with a shared outlook of adventure-filled days and an unspoken resonance with nature.

A tribute to life and one of Mother Nature’s truly majestic creations. Where there’s no need to choose between work and travel, because adventure overrides The Whitsundays way of life.

There’s never been a better time for a sea change with the recruitment opportunities available in the region. Welcoming all ages and stages of life, here lies an endless adventure for the young and young at heart. A community that evokes a sense of home, for all who seek it. Anchored in new friendships, schooling for the kids and spacious abodes, the Australian tropics just feels right.

Scenic peaks, snorkelling, diving, sailing, flying & dining

The Whitsundays somehow captures all the decadent aspects – stunning scenery, gorgeous weather, inspiring people, a diverse culture, and disarmingly relaxed energy. And it’s all available, right here on Australian soil, sand and sea. It’s an opportunity to return to roots, in a place that oozes the enviable Australian life that attracts people from all walks and hemispheres of life. Here, life is unstoppably interesting.

Call one of the best places in the world to holiday, home. Especially now, when the region needs Aussies the most. Living in The Whitsundays is highly coveted, particularly with our country’s management of the pandemic.

Imagine waking up to the sun illuminating the water, giving life to silhouetted islands, caressed by swaying palms. Where mornings are spiritual experiences of refreshing renewal, where the days stretch onwards, and adventures await. It’s island life. It’s ethereal.

The Whitsundays blissfully ascend any top 10 to-do list.

At sea…

With dozens of islands within easy reach, it feels utterly natural to be on the water. Visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef with its iconic ecosystem, could and should be visited every day with its myriad of coral cities within its 2,000-kilometre length. This gargantuan, living, breathing reef enthralls, entertains and educates. There’s nowhere and nothing like it, anywhere else on this earth.

Close to ‘home’, are the unspoiled Whitsunday Islands including Hamilton, Hayman, Daydream, Camp, and Long Island. Set foot on the oh-so-Instagrammable Whitehaven Beach, set sail for the day with a group of friends with a sprawling gourmet food platter, and snorkel with turtles and marine life.

On land…

Earn that morning ocean swim by hiking the Hill Inlet. Enjoy views with descriptions like” so pure, as if civilisation didn’t pass through.” With settings that have to be seen to be believed. For a more challenging experience, Passage Peak is a good morning sweat sesh.

To also settle those sea legs, there are plenty of walking trails on the mainland. Coral Beach Walking Track, Honeyeater Lookout Trail, Conway National Park, and the Whitsundays Great Walk are all indelibly shining examples.

In the air…

Taking a heart and soul-expanding scenic flight over The Whitsundays puts everything into gob-smacking perspective. As, it’s here that the sheer magnitude and beauty of this region sparks a sense of responsibility for what we have. How incredibly special this place is. Uniqueness, only comprehended through your own eyes. Like flying over Heart Reef, and witnessing nature creating a perfect love heart… in coral.

All this awaits in one day, when home is The Whitsundays. Then, a day to three lazing in a hammock, book in hand, drink at hand, with nature’s symphonic soundtrack. Here, in this home, there’s the permission to choose how to spend your days, rolling out the map of your life.

After all, life is meant to be an adventure, from one day to the next. It should, by default, be wonderous, inspiring, and seamlessly connected… in tune with yourself, people, nature, beauty, mysteries and quiet, vital lessons.

Nowhere does real life look like The Whitsundays.