Collinsville - The Whitsundays QLD
The Whitsundays, Queensland.
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Things to See and Do

Take the trip to the Bowen River Hotel, originally established in 1860 and enjoy an elaborate collection of memorabilia. Be sure to keep an eye out while you are wandering the rooms for the "other" visitors from times gone by. Legend has it, a ghost or two frequent the halls of this historic location. Be sure to stop by the Collinsville Coalface Experience, the centre of the Collinsville mining heritage, the museum is a dedication to the region's rich history of mining as well as the stories of what it was like above and below ground in the 1950s.

Stop by the Pit Pony Experience and visit with the life-sized bronze Pit Pony statue, installed in 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the last working pit ponies in Australia. Head up to Reservoir Hill and take in the spectacular sights of Mt Devlin to the north, the Leichhardt Ranges to the east, and Sonoma and Collinsville mines to the south and west. Want to know more about the rich mining history of Collinsville? Take a guided tour of the No. 1 Mine Site and experience the evolution of the region's history and the strong sense of community the industry has imparted over 50 years.

Places to Stay

Country hospitality is the key here, be sure to check out Opal Ridge Motel, a contemporary country style motel with a touch of class! This family-run business has a great lounge and bistro on-site, and if you are looking for a killer cup of coffee to start your day, the team are on hand from the early hours of the morning. Another highlight is the Pit Pony Tavern and Hotel, offering comfortable accommodation for overnight, short term and even long term guests you will be made to feel at home by the Pit Pony crew, and a fully satisfied belly is guaranteed after a meal. Or check out the Collinsville RV Park located at the Showgrounds, stay for up to 72 hours! Freshwater is readily available on-site and there are standard and disabled toilets and showers open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the park.


Opened for grazing in the 1860s, Strathmore Station was the first established property in the Collinsville area. By the 1880s several gold mines were in operation, but reports of a large coal deposit in 1865 saw the area become known as the Bowen River Coalfield. It was not until 1921 that the area was officially renamed as Collinsville and the main township established in 1922 when twenty homes were built.

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